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Orchid arrangementMy passion for flowers began when I was only four years old. I used to love picking them from our garden and arranging them into jam jar vases. When I was six, I remember gathering bunches of primroses in the woods with my family, which I then made into posies and sold to our neighbours.

That was the start of my love for flowers - and it has remained ever since.

The artificial side of my business was born after trying unsuccessfully to find the finishing touches for the interior of a newly renovated home.

There were numerous faux flower arrangements in the major stores at prices that made my eyes water - and the quality was questionable.

Already a keen fresh flower arranger, I decided to develop my passion and started work on a few eye-catching artificial floral designs of my own. These were admired by many people who encouraged me to expand this side of the business.

I now proudly showcase my artificial designs throughout Somerset, Dorset and Devon at many of the counties craft fairs and most popular, prestigious events.

Commissions are warmly welcomed.

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